05 Feb




The main Archive for Poznań Archdiocese was found in 1925 as a self-dependent diocesan institution. It was the very first institution of that kind in Poland. From the very beginning, seat of the new Record Archives became the former building of Lubranski Academy. The building was suited to the needs of new institution. The whole archival fund are divided on three parts.

The first one is named the Old Records Archives and it’s also called as the Old Polish Archive. It preserve the documents produced before the XIX-th century. The collection contains parchment and papyrus documents, register books from bishops, chapters’ as well as consistorial chancelleries.

Next one is Modern Record Archive, which contains archives material from XIX till XX century.

The third part are Special Collections. It contains archives material which was omitted in two first parts. Here we can find documents, which are most popular among searchers. This are birth, marriage and death records.

In our collection we have 1085 parchment documents. The oldest one is from 1231. It is diplome, which was draw up by prince Władysław Laskonogi.

Very large collection is the one from Old-Polish period. It contains over 500 manuscripts and books. Which refers to central diocesan institutions. The biggest one is the collection of files.

There are many archives material which consider same of church’s organization. Many of them had their seats in Poznań during Poland’s twenty years of independence after World War I. The Archive also preserves very large collection of parochial documents. In our archival fund we can find over 1700 records books.